USB Ανιχνευτή Ισχύος Ρεύματος/Τάσης 3V-7.5V 0Α-2.5A (DG150) OEM

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Σε Απόθεμα
1) Scope of work: Current (0-2.5A) can detect mobile phone charger voltage compliance DC5V

2) scope of work: U = 3~7.5V I = 0~3A

3) Resolution: Voltage 10mV current 1mA

4) Error: voltage <± 1% current <± 2%

5) Full scale drop: When (measuring current 200mV)

6) Operating temperature: 0-60 ?

The tester uses a new generation of power four semi-double loop integral converter IC, with a precision bandgap reference, range accuracy, high precision, stable and reliable performance, strong anti-interference ability, high temperature can be used for measuring USB powered or power consumption of the interface, mobile phone charger, U disk and other products.